Housing loan comparison

In times of low interest rates, consumers are interested in cheap financing around the dream of real estate, home and living. A home loan with little equity is the ideal solution here. But be careful: there are huge differences in the offers of your bank advisor, especially with regard to interest rates and the numerous special conditions. So before you decide on your home loan, you should make a detailed comparison on the calculator and choose the monthly charge to suit your budget – this saves a lot of money, especially with less equity.

Basically, a residential loan is a dedicated installment loan that is only intended for certain residential and commercial projects relating to your own property: for example, an extension or loft conversion, a bathroom renovation, the new kitchen or other new furniture. The home loan will also be a good choice for financing shares in the cooperative.

The interest rate, term, repayment and ancillary costs are set out in the loan agreement for residential finance. It is also agreed how high the rate that you have to pay back. The monthly installment includes both the loan repayment portion and the loan interest. The advantage: The required money is made available immediately, the repayment is divided into months or years, making it easier to make.


Housing loan – the alternative to installment loan

Housing loan - the alternative to installment loan

Special residential loans are usually available for loan amounts of $ 5,000 to $ 75,000. Different terms are also common. This changes the rate of the mortgage loan. In Austria, housing financing is generally agreed between five and 15 years. Home loans and real estate loans offer, as an alternative to a classic installment or consumer loan, an uncomplicated form of financing for property owners at the best conditions so that they can immediately fulfill their dream home with little equity.


What do I have to consider with a home loan?

What do I have to consider with a home loan?

In addition to the loan terms, it is advisable to take a look at your own finances. It is advisable to keep a budget book some time before the application. This tells you how much money you will really have available each month to finance your home.

The cost differences for such a loan can also be considerable. An important point is your credit rating. With a good credit rating, the interest and costs for your housing loan are lower. However, you should carefully examine the individual offers for the right loan for residential purposes and fish out the best offer for you. Even with a loan of over 100,000 dollars, you can save several thousand dollars over the years with interest savings of 0.5 percent.



The interest rate development in real estate financing: interest charts

credit loans

How did interest rates develop in a historical comparison? The Lenders Bank interest rate charts give you an overview of the development of real estate interest rates.

Use the historically favorable interest rate level! But find out here in advance about the development of building rates and current mortgage rates. We show an overview of current conditions and previous developments. Convince yourself:

The presentation of the interest rate development is based on the interest rates of the conditions offered by our product partners via Interhyp AG in the selected period in the context of brokering a loan contract.

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